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Planning and Development Services

Kendrick Consulting specializes in providing comprehensive planning and development services to property owners and developers. Dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex process of property development, from initial site planning and entitlements to ongoing project management and community engagement. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique goals and challenges, and then develop customized strategies that save them time and money while reducing their stress. Our expertise includes: land entitlement development, site planning, zoning, public and private lands, land conservation planning, water rights, multi-use lots and land development, and affordable housing development.


Melissa Kendrick

Melissa builds long term partnerships with property owners, developers and communities that effect far reaching benefits to the investors, the projects and the places effected by new development.   

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Our Projects

Our Clients Say

Scenic view of lakes
Kerry Shaklee approached me about a very intricate issue. Once we analyzed the situation, we were able to put a plan together and achieve amazing results. If you want to learn more about the benefits of my services, get in touch.

Kerry Shaklee, Shaklee Metropolitan District

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Available from the Mountains to the plains:
Plains Office:
588 Newark St, Aurora, CO 80010

(303) 725-1255


Mountains Office:

231 W 5th St, Leadville, CO 80461
(303) 725-1255

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