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I have found that clarifying the goals and objectives of the owners, investors and developers is critical, so the vision and master planning is in alignment with the vision for the project.  This work can take time if the owners are not typically developers, but rewarding in a vision the owners, their investors and family can support.  Sometimes this is the hardest part and the least tangible thing, but with this clarity the implementation is much more efficient and effective. 

In partnership with my clients, the expertise KCI brings with over 18 years of experience allowing the necessary problem solving tarting with the conception of the project, understanding the financial structure of the deal that evolves with the development of the land, into the sale of the property and through the construction of the community.  KCI gets involved in the big picture, phasing and timing issues that are multi-year, as well as the finite details that are necessary to build and construct the improvements required for development. 

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Available from the Mountains to the plains:
Plains Office:
588 Newark St, Aurora, CO 80010

(303) 725-1255


Mountains Office:

231 W 5th St, Leadville, CO 80461
(303) 725-1255

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