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Big Al's Mini Storage

The storage facility is owned and operated by local residents who established the business over 20 years ago.  This project represents a smaller scale, shorter term effort to establish the necessary entitlement to expand their business.   

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Connection to project

I met the owners through a referral from County staff.  In order to expand their successful business operation, a rezoning of the property was required as directed by County staff.  I was aware of the location of the business but had not met the owners previous to the introduction.

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Roles in this project

I was hired to help complete the application for a rezoning and manage the public hearing process.  This project required only adding a professional surveyor to the team in order to complete the legal site plan.  I completed the necessary public notice requirements and presented the application before the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.   


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Project Challenges/Sucesses

In 1999, the property was approved as a Conditional Use for Mini Warehouse within the Industrial and Mining (IM) zone district. The Land Development Code was amended in 2002 and excluded Mini Warehouse in the IM Zone District thereby eliminating the property owner’s ability to expand, as contemplated, and created the circumstance where the existing business was out of conformance with the zone district.


Let's talk

Available from the Mountains to the Plains:
Plains Office:
588 Newark St, Aurora, CO 80010

(303) 725-1255


Mountains Office:

231 W 5th St, Leadville, CO 80461
(303) 725-1255

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