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AngelView at Twin Lakes

AngelView is located in Twin Lakes Colorado at the eastern base of Independence Pass. AngelView is an unincorporated town that was established in the 1870’s. The inspiration for AngelView’s name comes from the "Praying Angel", a naturally occurring feature that displays a host of trees in the shape of an Angel. The ethereal arrangement overlooks the glistening Twin Lakes. Because of its proximity to Colorado's highest peak, Mount Elbert, and a beautiful set of twin lakes; residents and visitors have always traveled to see the spectacular views and enjoy the high mountain environment.

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Connection to project

The location of the property holds a special significance to me as it is the birthplace of my grandmother and the county where my father and I were born. These personal ties have made the project especially meaningful and inspire me to bring my professional expertise to create a development that honors the area's history and community.

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Roles in this project

As the lead, I coordinated
day-to-day activities in partnership with project owners and our multidisciplinary team. Upon joining the team, we re-envisioned the project to align with the community and County's master plan. Our extensive redesign work resulted in completing the sketch plan, preliminary plan, and final plat, gaining necessary approvals and successfully constructing the project.


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Project Challenges/Successes

This project presented unique challenges from a community perspective, as it represented a shift in residential development for the area. It was particularly challenging as the site was a remote and private place that the community held dear. Despite initial concerns from some community members regarding rising land and home values, we were able to successfully navigate the challenges and gain approvals for the project.

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