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Shaklee Centre Project

The Shaklee Centre is located in Hudson Colorado, a Town of approximately
1,600 people located along I-76 approximately 40 miles northeast of Denver.  
This property has been in the Shaklee family for three generations starting when the land was purchased after WWII for agricultural purposes with oil and gas production providing a source of income over the past 20 years.

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Connection to project

I was introduced to the owner in 2018 through a colleague who specializes in Metro District formations. The current Shaklee generation is tasked with what to do with the land now that agriculture is not of interest to family members, or viable for creating income from the land. 

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Roles in this project

I was hired to guide the process and bring in the right team of people to help shape a vision for what can be done and a strategy for how to get it done. We started with high level conceptual master planning to identify the optimal land uses with the infrastructure necessary to serve the plan.   The team has included land planning; civil, transportation, water and floodplain engineering; land use, metropolitan district and water attorneys; surveying, and marketing expertise.


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Project Challenges/Successes

A land developer was brought into the project in early 2020 which significantly modified the vision and strategy for the project.  Through expertise in project management, I have helped guide the decisions needed as new circumstances arise in the process. This is a good example of the multi-faceted nature of development and my role as coordinator of multidisciplinary teams.  

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