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Architecture plans for Roderts 81 project with specs

Roberts 81

The Roberts 81 project is owned by a family in Wiggins who was interested in developing their farm land and had no background in land development. They are successful business owners who inherited their property and needed direction on how to best position the property for sale.


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Connection to project

The Town of Wiggins was new to me when a local realtor reached out to discuss the land and project.  I met the owners and was hired to help build a team that could envision, problem solve and complete the project.

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Roles in this project

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Project Challenges/Successes

The site is located in a market that is outlying established and tested project returns on investment.  This has provided an opportunity to work with a marketing focus and lead the efforts to design and potentially build speculative commercial/industrial space to sell or lease tenant spaces. 


In my role as project manager and planner, we hired civil, traffic and water engineers, surveyors and metro district experts.


A determination was made to annex the property into the Town for the water, sewer and zoning available in Wiggins. The zoning was approved as a planned development with a mix of uses–predominantly commercial with industrial, and a minor amount of multifamily residential.


Subsequently, we have done a preliminary subdivision with final plats for specific tracts within the subdivision. 



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